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Becoming a successful Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business is a challenge for both existing SaaS providers and traditional software vendors. In particular, traditional vendors must change to provide their software as a service to meet customer expectations, decrease their cost base, remain competitive, and become more attractive for investors.

MoveToSaaS is here to help you. As a SaaS consulting company, we help SaaS and software providers to succeed with a business model based on recurring revenues. Whether your enterprise is privately owned, venture backed or public, wherever you are on the early stage – growth stage curve, we create a SaaS business simulation framework to find the right go-to-market model for you.

We recognize your need for predictability. This is why we offer our consulting methodology based on four fundamental components – benchmarking, business modelling, scenario planning and analytics.

  • Hands-on and easy to work with, we help you develop your business scenarios, going beyond the generics of industry analysis.
  • Our expertise is in the design of practical proactive financial models for you, not reactive accounting
  • We have proven skills in creating investor storybooks, like the one you could be using today to maximize interest in your SaaS project from investment bankers.

Your success as our client can come in two ways. As a software company, you think out of the box like SaaS providers (we help you get there.) Or as a SaaS provider, you think in scenarios and focus on the specifics of your market, sales model, revenue model and pricing (we help you get there too.)

For immediate consultation and advice on all things benchmarking, SaaS business modelling, scenario planning and analytics, schedule a 15-minute meeting (or more) with us via Clarity. If you feel more engagement or depth is required for us to help you, email us with the specifics of your situation. Give us as much detail as you can, and we’ll setup a meeting with you to work through the particulars.



23fc036Eckhard Ortwein

Eckhard Ortwein is a serial entrepreneur and SaaS enthusiast, based in Frankfurt, Germany.

He started his career in Procter & Gamble as a business analyst and then became a technology consultant for global innovation projects in Palo Alto. In 1999, he began his startup life. Eckhard co-founded the m-Payment startup paybox Solutions, acquired by Sybase/SAP in 2008, and the Israel-based cyber-security startup Accells Technologies, acquired by Ping Identity in 2014. He has always been a fan of business models and fell truly in love with the SaaS business model leveraging unit economics, as published by David Skok.

While presenting his own SaaS case to investors and VCs, Eckhard developed a strong desire to share his experience with other entrepreneurs. His goal was simple: to increase their chances for financing and success.  He wanted them to avoid the pitfalls he had seen, by using the right formulas, applying the right assumptions, making the business case look appealing, and building a model to support scenarios and tracking.

Eckhard started 4-Ventures, his own consulting company, to do this. While working with SaaS and software companies, 4-Ventures developed three new unique propositions:

  • MoveToSaaS – to provide SaaS companies and software vendors a proven business simulation framework based on a sound, standardized consulting approach
  • Lean-Marks – to provide one place where entrepreneurs and companies can find relevant benchmarks to validate their assumptions and rank themselves against peers
  • Lean-Case (currently in beta) – to enable startups to create, validate, share, and present their SaaS model, via an online service requiring only a few inputs.

Eckhard is also an Executive Advisor at independent investment bank Bryan, Garnier & Co, a Partner at pbx Innovations AG (an investment boutique in the e- and m-commerce space), and a Partner at True Global Ventures (an early-stage venture fund). He holds a M.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Karlsruhe.

For immediate consultation and advice on SaaS business models, contact him at LinkedIn schedule at least a 15-minute meeting with Eckhard via Clarity or email him at eckhard.ortwein(AT) .


23fc036Peter Watridge

Peter Watridge has counseled and advised dozens of subscription product and SaaS companies with a metrics driven approach to growth.  He enjoys creating systems to capture the data and working with the management team to derive insights and drive actions to grow their business.

Peter started his career as an engineer at GE and has worked in the technology field ever since.  Over the span of his 28 year career, he has held leadership positions in sales, marketing, business strategy, and finance.  In his most recent full time position Peter was on the founding team and became CFO of Joyent, helping to grow the company from a garage based start-up to a venture funded innovator in the Infrastructure as a Service market.

As CFO of Joyent, Peter honed his metrics and analytics based business management skills to help raise venture money and grow the company from zero revenues and less than ten employees to tens of millions of revenues and over 100 employees.  He created the company’s financial models and metrics systems to quantify the recurring revenue aspects of the SaaS business.  Peter also ran all finance and back office operations.

Peter has over 28 years of experience with operating roles in high technology companies across multiple industries such as mobile & fixed telecom, wireless, internet, software, and computers. Peter has a BS degree in Applied and Engineering Physics from Cornell University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Today, Peter consults with SaaS businesses to enable efficient growth using an analytics based approach.  He helps executives find the points of leverage to grow their business using analytics, metrics, and financial simulations.

For direct input and advice on SaaS insights from your business, contact Peter today at peter.wartridge(AT) .


OPEXEngine LogoOpex Engine

OPEXEngine is the leading developer of detailed financial and operating benchmarks and convenient, customizable online company comparison dashboards for the information technology industry .
OpexEngine provides access to the largest source of benchmarks for private and venture-backed companies in the software, SaaS and hybrid space. It also provides access to EDGAR Online, the premier source of benchmarks for more than 16,000 public companies across any industry.

With OpexEngine, we offer financial and performance metrics with relevant data and targets across five major functional categories: finance & administration, sales & marketing, customer success, R&D (incl. COGS and hosting), and human resources.