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How the MoveToSaaS Network is Connecting SaaS Vendors with Profitability

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there – but you may be disappointed when you arrive! Many SaaS vendors know the truth of this statement all too well. In a market that shows booming demand for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions, vendors should be on track to do better business than ever before, however many vendors struggle to find a path to profitability. These SaaS vendors need a SaaS Consulting roadmap to guide them to profitable recurring revenues and help them avoid the common SaaS business potholes on their journey.

How Do You Bridge the Initial Revenue Gap?

The initial revenue gap problem affects traditional software vendors and new SaaS vendors alike. These vendors know that the start-up period will need funding and that recurring revenue streams will only fully open up over time. But they are left guessing at how deep and wide is this revenue gap. Start-ups looking for financing are unable to reassure prospective investors. Existing software vendors look with apprehension at the initial shortfall in income if they move to a SaaS model and wonder how they will ever make it to the other side.

It’s Not “If”, But “How” You Make It to SaaS Success

Yet vendors don’t have a choice. End-user customers want SaaS and if their traditional software supplier doesn’t deliver, those customers will go elsewhere. On the other hand, if vendors can overcome the cash flow gap, manage the change in business model, and survive the time to reach break-even, then the SaaS business model can become exponentially profitable. In this new market, vendors lack the expertise and tools of their own to simulate and predict performance. They need another solution, fast.

Smart Tools and a Proven SaaS Consulting Methodology Make the Difference

Enter the MoveToSaaS Network, bringing a proven methodology and resources to structure plans with predictability and map out the route to profitability. The MoveToSaaS approach is based on four pillars:

  1. Benchmarking. Identifies key metrics in the business model and gives you reality based targets.
  2. Business modeling. Custom financial models identify the path to profitability.
  3. Scenario Planning. Target and home in on profitable customer segments, evaluate possible tradeoffs.
  4. Analytics and Tracking. Track business performance with a dashboard and appropriate KPIs.

The MoveToSaaS Network is also composed of numerous partners who are certified to MoveToSaaS standards and available to assist vendors through every stage of their launch or transition.

Seeing Clearly What Has to be Done

Our SaaS Consulting methodology delivers focus, and reality based targets for the SaaS business.  SaaS experts evaluate, model, and review each SaaS business model to deliver a realistic path to profitable recurring revenues.  The vendor can build from this solid business model and operating roadmap foundation to accelerate their profitable growth path.