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How to hit the Sales Forecast in Channel Sales without Pain

Relevance of the Channel
In the legacy on-premise days, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have used Channel Sales to create extremely successful business models. The Sales Forecast was based on license and maintenance payments. The channel gave them powerful organizational leverage, adding additional sales resources, and taking advantage of existing customer relationships that the channel partners brought to the table. Given the […]

SaaS Models – How to validate your Business Case in less than 30 minutes

This post is the first one in a series of posts on understanding SaaS Metrics, applying benchmarks, building a recurring revenue business model, scaling the right sales plan and win funding for a SaaS business with a lean case.

I would like to thank David Skok and Steve Blank for their work which has inspired me tremendously. While presenting my own […]

Lean SaaS Metrics – The Definitive Guide to create business impact

1 Lean SaaS Metrics – The Definitive Guide to Create Business Impact
This post provides SaaS entrepreneurs, Business Managers and Investors with an overview on the most relevant SaaS Metrics using the Lean-Case dashboard – a simulation tool to understand, create and validate the business model for a SaaS or any other subscription/recurring revenue business.
This post builds the foundation for a […]