Analytics and Tracking

SaaS Analytics and Tracking We apply analytics and tracking to enable software and SaaS companies to track their MoveToSaas business performance. You can compare KPIs – key performance indicators – against business model targets via practical dashboards.  Results can be extended by using a sophisticated KPI tracking process based on strategic goals and measurable objectives, and leveraging standard reporting services.

Insights on Analytics and Tracking:

Depending on the company’s lifecycle and strategic intent, key performance indicators (KPIs) may have various components. While SaaS companies in the growth stage might be focused on churn, software license companies moving to SaaS must measure the uptake of their SaaS offering.

It is crucial to find the right KPIs and distribute them to the right people. Companies must understand what “key” means for them, how “performance” can be clearly quantified and measured, and if the “indicator” is correctly related to future performance.

iStock_000020910454_XXXLargeService and Benefits:

The MoveToSaas Network helps you to set up and run your performance management processes for Analytics and Tracking. We help you monitor and manage all of your SaaS business metrics in one place. Based on our benchmarking, modeling and scenario planning experience, we know which KPI targets matter for you. Whether your focus is operational, strategic, or both, we offer a choice of standardized dashboards or highly flexible and powerful metrics management solutions.

For software license companies, we create dashboards to track your progress across your business lines, whether perpetual, hybrid or full SaaS. You get visibility into your “conversion” growth.

As a SaaS company, you can rapidly check actual against budgeted figures, making it easy for you to track your progress and create executive reports.

We can provide you with easy-to-use monitoring of KPIs, based on standard reporting services and spreadsheets.

For more extensive requirements, we leverage online KPI software to bring you a cost-effective solution. Armed with powerful reporting and analysis functionality, this best-practices system helps optimize your implementation of KPIs.

  • To track objectives, we create visually effective dashboards and metrics pages defining alerts and notifications to identify problem areas, exceptions, and deviations.
  • Using scorecards, we link KPIs to corporate strategy, and strategic and organizational performance.

By linking measurable objectives to your specific strategic goals, we enable a comprehensive online solution for KPI management, analysis, and tracking.